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Whether you are a green builder, an eco-designer, or any other type of healthy home professional, you need to be sending your audience HealthyHOME™ Magazine. 

It's the ONLY publication that brings health & home together and aligns with your eco-friendly brand.  As a HealthyHOME™ PRO member, you'll have the opportunity to be featured on one of our podcasts, inside the issue, be listed in the directory in the back of each issue, and be a part of a growing tribe of wellness real estate agents and healthy home professionals around the country. 

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 Now is the time to share HealthyHOME™ with your list.

If you authentically care about leading a healthy lifestyle and being kind to the planet, you are not alone.  According to recent studies, 79% of people feel the same way, and 42% of those people consider wellness to be a top priority.   

Now more than ever, your clients need your products and services!  And by sending them HealthHOME™ Magazine each month, you'll be helping them learn ways to create a less toxic, more comfortable and enjoyable home environment for their families.

Here's How It Works...

HealthyHOME™ PRO


Start by sharing the digital issue of HealthyHOME™ magazine with everyone on your list. 

Templates, Pre-written Captions, Graphics And Reels Are All Done-For-You, So Your Social Media and Email Campaigns Are As Simple As Copy & Paste 

Increase Engagement & Showcase Your Value 


Connect and engage more people with topics people care about today.

Be featured inside the issue on one of our podcasts and be listed in our HealthyHOME PRO directory at the back of each issue.

If you sell healthy home products or services, sending this magazine to your list is a no-brainer.  

Set Your Marketing on

Running a small business is hard work! Not only do you need to sell your product or service, but you need to do your own marketing, lead generation and sales.  

Put your marketing on autopilot with our done-for-you tools that are as simple to implement as copy and paste. 

We'll do the work of coming up with amazing content, you stick to what you do best, selling your products or services.  


Membership Has its Benefits 

Membership Levels for Everyone:

Basic Membership

  • Monthly digital issues of HealthyHOME Magazine™ each month, so you can share with everyone on your list.   
  • Added to the HealthyHOME™ PRO Directory at the back of each issue
  • Access to our tribe of wellness agents and healthy home professionals to have in your tool-belt of resources
  • Done-for-you social media graphics, reels, and captions to supplement your product or service offerings
  • Email copy and newsletter templates to so content creation is as easy as copy and paste.
  • Embed codes so you can use every issue to drive traffic to your website to grow your email list. 
  • Opportunity to order custom-branded print versions of issues that showcase your products or services. 


Essentials Membership: 

  • Everything in the Basic membership plus

  • Custom-Branded Mobile Issues

  • Your very own featured article inside each mobile issue of HealthyHOME™ to showcase your products, offer promotions, or simply promote your brand. 
  • Custom Digital coupon or testimonial to share at the bottom of your custom mobile issue.


PRO PLUS Membership: 

  • Everything in the Essentials membership plus

  • Custom-Branded Social Media posts AUTO-POSTED FOR YOU by our team

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