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Start by sharing your own wellness lifestyle digital magazine with everyone on your list. 

Templates, Pre-written Captions, Graphics And Reels Are All Done-For-You, So Sharing Is As Simple As Copy & Paste 

Stand Out & Showcase Your Value 


Connect and engage more people with topics today's buyers and sellers find interesting.

Build a Better Brand Around Your Values Simply By Sharing Wellness Real Estate With Others


Be The Connector


You don't have to be the expert at everything!  You are the connector!

Network with healthy home professionals around you and across the country to connect your clients who experts who can help them. 

As you do this, you'll be building a referral network and helping your clients with things most agents don't even realize is important to today's buyers.   


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Followers & Leads


Providing Value Has Never Been Easier, And Clients Will Thank You For Helping Them Create a Healthier Home 

Why Build A Personal Brand? 

Whether you create a brand intentionally or by default,
you already have a personal brand. 

And if it's not what you are saying it is,
then it is what others say about you. 

Your personal brand is what you want to be "known for"
it's what you want to specialize in
and focuses on the ideal customer you want to attract.

Why Build A Brand Around Wellness Real Estate?

If you are like most people, you want to live a healthier lifestyle,
and creating a healthy home is an important step, just as important as diet and exercise! 

If you authentically care about leading a healthy lifestyle and being kind to the planet, you are not alone.  According to recent studies, 79% of people feel that same way.  Why not give yourself the opportunity to connect with more people simply by talking about wellness real estate topics with them?

Develop a more holistic brand for yourself that is centered on your values and reflects who you are, so people understand why they should choose you!  Whether it's energy efficiency, sustainability, or creating a non-toxic, healthy home that is most important to you, you can build a real estate brand that showcases your unique knowledge and expertise that helps you stand out. 



Whether you consider yourself to be Regenerative, Sustainable, Holistic, Mindful or Eco-Agents, what we get it.  You aren't like the other agents out there!  You are forward-thinking and you like to think outside the box.  We understand that it's difficult to find marketing materials that align with your brand. 

WellnessRE™ PRO HAS YOU COVERED by providing you with a multitude of unique touch points that keep you top of mind and differentiate you at the same time.

Position yourself as an industry expert who cares and start attracting more followers and leads with WellnessRE™ PRO.

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Check out our live office hours where we shared the new member portal, and graphics library, and see what agents say about WellnessRE™!

Membership Has its Benefits 

With access to our
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you get:

  • Unlimited Redeemable Gift Codes to monthly digital issues of Wellness Real Estate Magazine™ each month, so you can share with everyone on your list.   
  • Added to the Wellness Agent Directory at the back of each issue
  • Access to our tribe of wellness agents and healthy home professionals to have in your tool-belt of resources
  • Done-for-you social media graphics, reels, and captions to supplement your local real estate content
  • Email copy and newsletter templates to help you grow your brand
  • Embed codes so you can use every issue to drive traffic to your website to grow your email list. 
  • Opportunity to order custom-branded print versions of issues that showcase your brand. 


Semi-Annual & Annual Members also get: 

  • Instant Monthly Savings

  • Opportunity to be featured on a podcast and in an issue of WellnessRE™ for FREE to showcase your expertise and leadership in the industry. 
    (This is a paid option for monthly members.)
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