Healthy Home Professionals Directory

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All of these businesses support people in person and online.  So wherever you are located in the country, they have programs that can help you.

Balanced Architecture

Kate Hamblet

Healthy Materials Certification

I'm a licensed architect that helps nature-loving, health-conscious families create homes that enhance their health, happiness, and longevity through local custom projects and my guided DIY design online course.

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Healthy Home Design 101

Color Conscious Living

Mehnaz Khan

Color Psychology Specialist

I help moms locally and online who love decorating and shopping, enhance their home through color!  Turning your home into a sanctuary, can positively affect your mood, feelings and emotions. 


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CMT Design Studio

Carolyn Tierney

Sustainable Building Advisor, Environmental Toxin Certificate, Professional Interior Designer

Holistic Interior Design and Home Construction Consulting- Creating stylish non-toxic homes for families that value health and wellness. 


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Design Well Studios

Michelle Ifversen

BA Art, Building Biology Practitioner, Biophilic Design, Environmental Wellness, EMF & Air Quality Testing

I help people solve their environmental health issues and consult on healthy building materials and practices to increase their well-being. I infuse biophilic design elements into built environments that create a more inspiring and supportive place for people, pets, and planet.

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Green Home Coach

Marla Esser Cloos

NAR Green, LEED AP, NAHB Master Certified Green Professional, Wellness Within Your Walls certified professional

A better home starts with you - whether you work on it or live in it, or both. Knowing some simple concepts about how homes work empowers you to find and create better homes. Green Home Coach shows you how.

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Everyday Green Home Podcast

Healthy House on the Block

Amanda Klecker

Building Biology Practitioner,
Certified Professional Home Inspector

The goal of healthy house on the block is to meet you where you are. No judgment -- no pushing. Everyone's homes and lives have to fit their specific needs - and going low toxin or toxin free is NO exception to that. I want to educate and help with open ears and an open heart to help you live your healthiest life.

I also help real estate agents know how to identify red flags in houses and ultimately assist their clients in finding the best house for their needs.

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Healthy Home Blueprint

Home by Jolene

Jolene Nannette

Home Declutter & Organization Specialist

Specialist in home efficiency, tackling to-do lists, and calming the chaos through home organization. 

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