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The Most Common Obstacles to Growing a Real Estate Business


Worry & Doubt

How do I generate leads without paying a fortune on strategies that don't work?


How do I manage doing "all the things" that I need to do to run a business AND help clients?

Unclear Marketing Message

Why don't all my friends (and people who know, like and trust me) hire me to help them sell their home? 

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Being a full time real estate agent is hard enough, but when you add running a small business, generating leads, keeping up to date with the local market, inventory and building relationships - it's easy to see why so many agents quit.


We aren't your typical real estate marketing agency: 
We help agents, just like you, leverage wellness real estate to show your care and gain confidence in your personal brand so you attract leads and clients everywhere you go.







Showing you are a forward-thinking industry expert who cares about your clients is easy. 

Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? If you're not seeing the engagement you want, it's time to shake things up. Learn how to use wellness real estate trends to connect with more people and build authentic relationships with folks who understand your unique value proposition. With our custom-branded marketing tools, you can focus on what really matters: connecting with more people more often. Say goodbye to the stress of lead generation and hello to the power of connection!



Step 1:

Decide if you want to nurture a community farm with PRINTED ISSUES or nurture your email list and social media followers with DIGITAL ISSUES or BOTH

Step 2: 

Choose a cover that aligns with your brand.  WellnessRE™, HealthyHOME™ or Wellness@HOME™

Step 3: 


Simply share our magazine and simple 3-Step Engagement Strategy and you'll gain new followers and leads everywhere you go. Join WellnessRE PRO or set up a free marketing strategy call today.

Signature Services

Leading with this magazine has opened up so many more conversations and continues to help me generate new followers everywhere I go!  I now have marketing materials I'm proud to share at listing presentations, open houses, and even with my entire partner network!

My custom-branded magazine has helped me secure several listings, including a new one for a $6M home just this week!!!  

C. Craig 
San Diego

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Proven Tools That Position You as a Forward-Thinking Industry Expert Who Cares.

 Available in 3 covers,
so you can easily choose one that aligns with your brand. 


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Wellness Real Estate

Modern Marketing For Real Estate Professionals: Learn How to Leverage This Growing Trend and Turn Everyday Conversations Into Followers and Leads For Your Real Estate Business

"I've noticed a widespread trend in our industry where agents proudly proclaim to be '#1'—whether on a team or with a broker. This self-promotion has saturated the market, creating a sea of noise where no individual voice stands out. It's easy to wonder, do clients truly care about how great YOU are? In my experience, I've found that when the focus shifts from our accomplishments to our clients, when we treat them as if THEY are truly #1, that's when we become the guiding force they're seeking. It's not just about selling homes; it's about crafting an experience that resonates on a personal level." -Sheila Alston 

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