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Wellness Real Estate Magazine is an exclusive publication for Modern Real Estate Agents who want to provide more value to their followers.


WellnessRE™ is a monthly magazine available in digital and print, filled with insightful tips from healthy home experts around the country.  Educate your audience and show them you care about their health and wellbeing by sending them WellnessRE or HealthHOME™ Magazines each month.  


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Wellness is not a luxury.  We all deserve to live in a healthy home! 

Inside every issue of WellnessRE™ you'll find insightful tips from healthy home experts across the country who share their expertise on how you can create a home environment that is healthier, more comfortable and joyful for you and your family!

A Magazine Like No Other  

Forward-thinking developers around the globe are building communities centered on wellness.  This means so much more than adding a fitness center or community pool.  It's intentionally planning and designing a community that helps support the health and well-being of the residents and surrounding community.  Inside every issue of WellnessRE™ you'll learn more about the movement that is shaping the future of real estate.  

What does healthy living mean to you?

Did you know that your home environment can help or hinder your goal of creating a healthy lifestyle?   Every issue of WellnessRE™ is like having your own personal healthy home coach who gives you simple strategies and helpful tips so you can ensure that your home environment is helping your family thrive. 

2 Years of Healthier Living

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5 Types of Wellness Lifestyle Communities

A healthier way of living

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Together, we are making the world a healthier place, one home at a time.™