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Agent Talk: Are you a Secret Agent?

agent talk Feb 20, 2023

Joining community groups won't bring you leads if you aren't talking about your business.

Stating you are a realtor and then making friends but never talking about your business won't get you anywhere.

âś…Most people already know like and trust several agents
âś…People don't want to have to choose among friends if they believe the level of service is equal
âś…If you don't talk about your business (this means how you are different and the extra value you provide) they won't know this information

Leading with wellness real estate topics is the easiest way to engage in conversation your audience will be interested in even if they are not currently in the market for a new home. And this gives you a golden opportunity to share how you do business differently and ask them to follow you.

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Learn more about Wellness Real Estate and how you can start engaging your audience with real estate related topics that is easy as copy & paste!

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