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Don't Let Overwhelm Keep You Stuck

agent talk Mar 02, 2023

Don't you hate that feeling of overwhelm when it comes to social media? Which platform? How many posts? Did someone say everyday? On all the platforms? It's just too much. ⁠

We get it. That is too much if you are doing everything yourself. If you have a full-time VA or marketing team, then maybe not, but if it's just you then we always advise our clients to start with one or two platforms max. ⁠

First: ⁠
✅ Identify Your Ideal Client⁠
✅ See where you get the most engagement on your current posts⁠
✅ Go where they are⁠

Baby steps! Social media and email marketing are a long organic game which if done right will pay you back a thousandfold and more! We all want leads who are attracted to us and flow with ease, and with a clear message and the right strategy you can make that happen in three simple steps:⁠

Step 1: ⁠
✅ Believe in yourself⁠
Step 2:⁠
✅ Take action don't overanalyze⁠
Step 3:⁠
✅ Don't take score too soon, just keep at it. If you build it, the people will come. :) ⁠

You got this! ⁠
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