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Wellness Lifestyle Communities Inspiring the Trend Toward Healthier Homes and Healthier Living

wellness real estate Aug 27, 2022

Have you heard about the latest trend driving residential real estate development? It’s called Wellness Real Estate and for nearly 2 decades, forward-thinking developers have been intentionally designing communities and residential neighborhoods centered on well-being.

As I started to dive deep into this rabbit hole of wellness real estate, I realized that EVERYONE deserves to live in a healthy home, not just those who can move into a wellness lifestyle community. What if they aren’t any around the town you live in? Or what it’s not in your budget to move? There has to be a way that people can learn to create a healthier home environment and be inspired by new developments so they too can live more comfortably and joyfully in their own homes. This is precisely the thought that led me to create Wellness Real Estate Magazine. The only magazine that explores wellness in real estate and helps readers bring health and home together.

Photo credit: Serenbe. To preview the full Jan 2021 Issue of Wellness Real Estate Magazine click here.


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