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Contrary to popular belief, simply staying top-of-mind is not what brings in leads, just like custom-branded junk mail does nothing for your business.

Being a client-focused professional who provides consistent value and helps clients solve problems is what will grow your referrals and create raving fans.
Align yourself with a brand that educates today's health-conscious consumers and become a valuable and trusted resource for them.  


I have been searching and searching for done-for-you marketing tools that promote healthier living!!  This is what everyone cares about today and it gives me a competitive edge to have expanded my. network to include healthy home professionals to help my clients even more.  Game Changer!

Celeste A., REALTOR®



WellnessRE™ Magazine has helped me grow my brand significantly! I have a whole group of followers that now look forward to reading new issues every month. They thank me for sharing tips on creating a healthier home!




I now have people who ask to join my mailing list everywhere I go! This magazine has opened up so many new conversations about real estate and enables me to show how I am providing value differently than other agents in my area. 




HealthyHOME™ Media saves me so much time and money on my marketing!  What a life-saver!! I don't have to hire two different companies to nurture my past clients or my neighborhood community! Now my marketing is consistent, beautiful, and aligns with my brand. 

Jenny T., REALTOR®



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Articles Written by Healthy Home Experts Around The Country

We don't hire just any copywriter for the content of our magazines.  Instead, we have Building Biologists, Wellness Architects, Green Builders, Eco-Designers and more who provide expert tips that will engage and help your audience live happier and healthier at home. 

And because we are obsessed with helping you become the trusted and value-driven professional in your community, you can connect and network with our home experts expanding your own knowledge and network if you choose!

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