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Tori M.

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WellnessRE™ Magazine has helped me grow my brand significantly! I have a whole group of followers that now look forward to reading new issues every month. They actually thank me for sharing tips with them on creating a healthier home!

Christina M.

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"A big Mahalo to Sheila for having the courage in the middle of a pandemic to put together a robust online Wellness Real Estate Magazine for us to share with our friends and family. I have found it very helpful for our business and a thoughtful gift for our clients. These articles, social media posts and content are so relevant to our current times, educational for the sustainable enthusiast and reinforces the green and healthy home niche our team has moved into. I truly support all she is doing and wish her many successes as we start this next year together!"

Trish F.

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"WellnessRE™ Magazine is the perfect value-add that today's clients are looking for from a real estate agent. This digital magazine provides compelling, informative and relevant content in an elegant format every month - it's a powerful branding tool for me. My clients love it; even my friends and family love it!"   

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Contrary to popular belief, simply staying top-of-mind is not what brings in leads, just like custom-branded junk mail does nothing for your business.

Being a client-focused professional who provides consistent value and helps clients solve problems is what will grow your referrals and create raving fans.

Align yourself with a brand that educates today's health-conscious consumers and become a valuable and trusted resource for them.  
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Growing Your Real Estate Business Begins Online

44% of Agents Said They Gained New Clients From Posting on Social Media

99% of Millenials
(90% of Baby Boomers)
Begin Their Home Search Online

47% of Real Estate Professionals Note That Social Media Results in the Highest Quality Leads

79% of People Say Health & Wellness is Important (42% Say it's a Top Priority). 

Wouldn't it be a good idea to speak to them in your marketing?


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Network with healthy home professionals around you and across the country to connect your clients who experts who can help them.


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Who is WellnessRE PRO Designed For?

We are obsessed with helping you grow your business. To help you increase your reach and engagement, we've designed our tools just for you.

The Holistic Agent

  • You are a real estate agent / healthy home expert passionate about healthier living.  You may have family members who suffer from allergies or chronic health conditions and have been educating yourself on ways to create a healthier living environment for your family.  
  • You realize that most real estate agents lack the expanded knowledge and network to be able to answer questions that come up for consumers looking for a healthy home, so you have made it your mission to be the agent who can help.
  • You are excited about branding yourself differently, even calling yourself a wellness agent, holistic agent, regenerative agent or healthy home pro! BRAVO!  The world needs forward-thinkers like you to help pave the way to healthier living for us all.   

The Pragmatic Seasoned Pro

  • You have been an agent for many years, in fact, you are a seasoned pro.  You understand that relationships are everything and that staying top of mind and providing value is what keeps those referrals coming in.  
  • You also know that the majority of people aren’t asking for “healthy features” they simply want the best home they can afford.  You don’t want to limit yourself to a niche that is too small to sustain the sales you need to provide for your family. 
  • Yet, you understand that healthier living is important and wellness is a growing trend.  You are interested in learning more about how you can provide value without rebranding yourself.  

Rockstar Rookie

  • You are a newer real estate agent and you are excited to get started making your millions.  You are learning new things every day about transactions, contracts, lead generation, running your small business and marketing yourself.  It’s a lot, so knowing where to start and what to focus on can be overwhelming.  
  • How will you compete with seasoned pros in your community?  How do you make a name for yourself in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Rockstar Rookies are open to faster and better ways of doing business.  You also want to work smarter not harder!  While you are open to investing in your business, you want to make the most of your marketing dollars spent.
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Why Wellness? What is Wellness Real Estate?

For the last 20 years, forward-thinking developers around the country have been building communities intentionally designed to support healthier living. 

According to the Global Wellness Institute, Wellness Real Estate has nearly doubled since 2018 and as of November 2021 is worth $275 Billion dollars globally. 

79% of people consider wellness to be important, and 47% of those people consider it to be a top priority.  

FUTURE-PROOF Your Real Estate Business by positioning yourself as the connector for everything home.

Learn how to leverage this growing trend in our latest book: Wellness Real Estate - Modern Marketing for Real Estate Agents
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